Forever Ocean Partners with Caramelo Chains

Forever Ocean launched its sustainable jewelry manufacturing initiative in 2020 and has not partnered another jewelry brand called Caramelo Chains.Their collection consists of the Worlds' first Cuban link bracelet and chain necklace collection that comes in over 18 different colors.

Caramelo Chains launched in 2022 with the goal of creating an environmentally sustainable jewelry line that helped shoppers offset their carbon footprint. The way in which they accomplished this was revolutionary for the fashion jewelry industry. Starting from the ground up Caramelo focused on their manufacturing process more specifically the base metal used in their production is a 100% recycled 316L stainless steel that corrosion resistant, impressively strong and has a much smaller carbon footprint than traditional fashion jewelry. The next step was to ensure that the color finish that Caramelo offers consisted an completely inert and biodegradable compounds to alleviate an long term impacts from the pieces their manufactured. Every step taken by Caramelo Chains to reduce their environmental impact is at the moment the most comprehensive ever seen in the stainless steel jewelry manufacturing industry.

Even with all of their accomplishments Caramelo Chains approached the team at Forever Ocean to expand pursuit for carbon neutrality. In partnering with Forever Ocean each bracelet or chain necklace purchased from Caramelo Chains removed 1 pounds of plastic and trash from the Ocean using our program. Caramelo is Forever Ocean's first partner in the sustainable jewelry industry and we are happy to have them onboard and hope other manufactures join us in trying to make the planet and our oceans clean for generations to come. 

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